Comparison Of Southern Strategy And The Tea Party Strategy

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Comparison between the Southern strategy and the Tea party strategy The southern strategy was an electoral strategy introduced by the Republican Party to optimize support in the south by white voters through the application of racism, especially towards African Americans. Consequently, racial tensions deepened in much of the Southern part of The United States in the year 1950s and 1960s as a result of the effort of the civil rights movement and destruction the laws of Jim Crow. Republican politicians had to develop successful strategies that would later lead to the political migration of many white southerners to the Republican Party who previously supported activities of the Democratic Party. Politicians like Richard Nixon and Senator…show more content…
African Americans’ right to vote became a reality when the voting rights act of 1965 was passed enabling them to choose candidates who had their best interests in mind. However, this change of events made Racists White politicians change their game plans because their grip on power was being threatened thus the birth of the southern strategy which was instituted to gunner votes of racist white southerners. Events in 2009 after Obama 's first presidential inauguration led to establishment The Tea Party which had a central intention of thwarting Obama, s agenda. However, 24% of Americans were in support of the Tea Party as recorded by Moreover, Trump is not the first republican president to base his politics upon racist fears but the term, “Southern strategy.” was instead popularized by political strategists like Richard Nixon and Kevin Philips in the 1960s. With the enforcement of The Voting Rights Act, many Negroes were registering as Democrats in the South as the majority of whites who were Negrophobe started quitting the Democrats and realigning with the republicans. In this case scenario, the Whites are seen moving to Republican Party because of the blacks’ registration as democrats otherwise without this change of events the whites would be very comfortable with their old comfortable arrangement with the local democrats. Revelation by Philips that racism resulted in political profits led to politicians like
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