Comparison Of The Book And Alice In Wonderland

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Comparison of Alice in Wonderland Book and Movie Alice's Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Caroll was originally published on November 26, 1865. On the other hand, the movie version, directed by Clyde Geronimo, Wilfred Jackson, and Hamilton Luske and produced by Walt Disney, was published in 1951. Carroll's book has twelve chapters and begins by describing a girl who named Alice that falls down a hole and finds herself in wonderland. In comparison, the movie begins with a scene not included in the book in which Alice sings about “her world,” foreshadowing wonderland. In the beginning, the versions are similar. Alice follows the rabbit because she is bored with her sister who only wants to read books with pictures. When she follows the rabbit, Alice finds herself in a different world. The difference is that in the book when Alice comes to the place, she finds the rabbit and follows him until she sees many doors. In the movie, however, the door talks to her instead. In the movie Mrs. Doorknob never appears, but the door has magic and gives her a potion bottle and box on the table. Conversely, in the book the bottle and box are already there. Because she didn’t see the two things, they appear after she talks to the door and he works his magic, and she drinks the potion to become smaller so she can enter the door. In the second chapter, there are several differences. In the book Alice feels so desperate that she was ready to ask help from
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