Comparison Of The Everest Of Mount Everest, By Jon Krakauer

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Jon Krakauer, the main character/narrator of this novel has reached the summit of Mount Everest. He realized that his oxygen tanks have depleted. Lots of people are climbing this mount. He need to wait for it to clear. He tries to conserve the oxygen by closing the oxygen tank. However, his partner, Harrier, accentually set the tank on full blast. They rushed down the mountain. A large dark cloud appears in the side of the mountain.
How did others feel about the climb? Their emotion? How scared are the other competitors?
Each of whom has paid as much as 65000 to be taken safely up Everest – into an apparent death
This chapter shows the history/ how the expedition started. Radhanath Sikdar has calculated the highest peak which is the Peak XV in the Himalayas. Nepal banned foreigners from entry. By 1949, Nepal let foreigner entry. In 1953, Hillary and Norzay has successfully reach the top of Everest. Nepal and Tibet need money and rely on service up the mountain for 70,000. Outside Magazine hired Krakauer (the main character) to complete a report, he did not need to complete the mountain expedition. However, he uses 2 months to train in climbing Mount Everest and wanted to reach the top.

What happened to the rest of the people in Chapter 1? what was the mood throughout the training?

Ch 3
Krakauer is flying above India. He has a minor panic because he is flying at the same altitude as the summit of Everest. He arrived in Kathmandu where he meets Andy Harris, he works for the mountain guide company. They both have no experience. He meets another climber named Rob Hall. The novel talk about Hall’s history- he started his career as a gopher and raised through the rank. It took him 10 years and 3 attempts to reach the summit of Everest. Ball dies from cerebral edema. Krakauer goes to base camp with amateurs.

How scared was Krakeur when he notices he is flying at the same altitude? what emotion did he have realizing that everyone is an ammeter at climbing.
Pg 37 the brochure

Ch 4
• Krakauer and his team go towards Everest along the Dudh Kosi (large river)
• They arrive at khumba lodge in a small Sherpa town.
• Introducing an new character- Mike Groom. Mike had his

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