Comparison Of The Han Dynasty And The Roman Empire

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The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were two of the largest and most powerful civilizations of their time. During their time of power they both introduced new goods and new ideas to the rest of the world. I believe that the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire are very similar in the three following ways, they both wanted to create a superior work environment for their people, they also focused a great deal on water conservation, and how tools were very important in both civilizations.
The first similarity is the fact that both the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire wanted to help create a work environment that all the people of the civilization would be happy and comfortable with. In document 1 it says, “All craftsmen spend their time in the vulgar occupations- no workshop can have anything enlightened about it” (Cicero). This signifies that there are no positives to working in the workshops. Even though some of the lower class of the Roman Empire lived in shabby houses and they had to work is excruciating environments most people worked in environments comfortable for them (PBS). In comparison to document 1, document 8 states that “Tu Shih loved the common people and wished to save their labor” (History). This implies that Tu Shih did not want his people to have to do excruciating work; instead he wanted them to salvage their labor. Similar to the Roman Empire the people of the Han Dynasty also had working conditions that were not agonizing; though the rich had it better the
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