Comparison Of The Hobbit

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The Hobbit Compare & Contrast Essay Rough Draft Have you ever thought how the characters relate to each other? Is it the behavior, culture, attitude or values. Well, all those things make ones similar and different from others. In his book, “ The Hobbit”, the author J.R.R Tolkien describes the hobbit, dwarves, and elves. In “ The Hobbit”, the characters all have traits that they have in common yet also have traits that are different. About the hobbit in chapter 1, it is said that “They are little people, about half our height, and smaller than the bearded Dwarves.” By looking at this detail, one may know that a hobbit is a little person that is half a size of a human or smaller than a dwarves. This can be or may said that there may be characters that are the same size or not as a hobbit and maybe not. With some differences between the hobbit, dwarves and hobbits are rare, the similarities are pronounced. There are many differences and similarities between the hobbits and dwarves. Elves are mythical creature in folklore that are shown as a small human figure with pointy ears. Hobbits are an imaginary race that is similar to humans. There are differences between the hobbits and dwarves such as personalities and behavior. In chapter 15 about the hobbit, it is said that “ In any case he felt that the adventure was, properly speaking, over with the death of the dragon-in which he was much mistaken-and he would have given most of his share of the profits for the peaceful winding up of these affairs.” Also in chapter 15 about the dwarves, it is said that “Then Thorin burst forth in anger. "Our thanks, Rac Carc's son. You and your people shall not be forgotten. But none of our gold shall thieves take or the violent carry off while we are alive.” By using both of the the quotes above, the readers can tell that the the dwarves are greedy while the hobbit is willing to give up everything just to have peace. One's knows this is true that the dwarves are greedy for they said that they will literally kill someone if they tries to take their treasure. The readers can tell that the hobbit has a heart of gold for he is willing to give up most of his share to preserve peace. As you may know that if hobbits and dwarves
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