Comparison Of The Passage In Fasting Feasting, By Anita Desai

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The passage in Fasting, Feasting, by Anita Desai, Arun is out of his comfort zone going to the beach. Arun from the very start, starts making excuses to not go to the beach. He also, does not want to be anywhere close to Melanie While they walk to the beach. He complains about the noises of the wilderness and how horrible they are. He does these things because he does not feel comfortable in these places he has never been before. He talks about how his hands are sweaty and his hair on his neck raises. He also, wonders why people live in such close area to the wilderness. The story says “The town may be small and have little to offer, but how passionately he prefers its post office, its shops, its dry-cleaning stores and picture framers to this creeping curtain of insidious green…(Desai). This complaining about the wilderness is most likely due to the fact that he has most likely stayed in town most of his stay in America. He has adapted to the town he has probably only really seen. 2.
The passage from Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv, he uses many examples to prove his argument that we are separating from nature. He starts it off by talking about how they soon will be able to decide the color on butterfly's wings and how they can use nature to advertise. The “Nature” we all go visit is not real nature it's advertised and is not worth going to. They use parks and beaches to get there product out there just for some money to keep the area clean and well kept. It leads into talking about how we she nature from inside a car most of the time not in person. It talks about how now we don't even need to pay attention to the nature now because we have gps that guide us to our destination so we don't need to memorize routes. Even people in the back seat don't have to pay attention anymore as tvs are now in cars to either watch movies or play games. It says “Perhaps we’ll someday tell our grandchildren stories...We actually looked out the car window(Louv). This is a little stretched because most likely kids will still look out the windows when they don't have a movie playing or they are bored of what they were doing beforehand. 3.
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