Comparison Of The Poetry Of Octavio Paz And Juan Felipe Alvarez

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Both Octavio Paz and Juan Felipe Herrera are somewhat similar and somewhat different because Octavio’s poem is more emotionless whereas Juan Felipe Herrera uses his feelings and emotions and experience into the poetry and we can actually feel the flow of the poetry. He is more of the imagism like the poem “Let Me Tell You What a Poem Brings” where he set readers up for something more direct and discursive than the complex. His poetry is indefinite and evanescent and these qualities also render it an essential place of play life without boundaries. Octavio Paz poetry is a lot of complex and deal with abstraction descriptions. Whereas Juan Felipe Herrera doesn’t
Octavio Paz became one of the most prominent liberal and one of the first authors to write a novel. His novel expresses it with Indian theme and he gained this intellectual from his grandfather who was a great author who also write novels. As a child, he embedded into literature poetry and he followed his grandfather’s footstep in agrarian uprising led by Emiliano Zapata (Nobel e-Museum).
Under the encouragement of Pablo Neruda, Paz began his poetic career in his teens by founding an avant-garde literary magazine, Barandal, and publishing his first book of poems, Luna silvestre(1933). He also became a Mexican ambassador to India; which was an important title in his life and as a poetic writer. He published and edit his own magazines and dedicated his life in politics and arts and he was highly educated and have

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