Comparison Of Traditions And Modernity : The New Identity Parameters

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Between Traditions and Modernity: The new identity parameters In modern societies the countless traditions and beliefs as a result of the transmission of concepts from generation to generations coexist with the tendencies generate for the conditions of life imposed by modernity. This cultural phenomenon is not unfamiliar to American society, and the general idea of Neil Gaiman in American Gods in his work is to show that reality through his writing. In his book, while the lector read about the American culture and the current situation in the modern society, arise the necessity of thinking over the loss of cultural values and social roots transmitted from ancestors, and those that all human beings have adopted over their existence. Through time, people have followed gods, ideas, or things that embody perfection and a model of what they should be. Humans had worshiped them as a result of a voluntary surrender or the social pressure. However, at the same time and increasingly more frequent their minds had been captivated and they have given time and efforts into activities and desires which have become the current ideals. They have come into their lives unnoticed, but with such force to the point that they dominate their existence without being aware of them. The author 's work raises the life situations of foreign gods brought to America, represented as normal people in everyday situations, suffering neglect they have felt over the years due to the transformation of
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