Comparison Of Two Occupations, Social Work And Skills, Training, And Requirements

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Compare and Contrast Two Occupations Final Interview Paper Occupations require a myriad of skills, training, and requirements. The personality and talents of individuals can guide them into their choosing a profession. For example, someone who is an accountant may prefer little interaction with others and for information to be very precise in every situation. Compare that to a therapist whom interacts with people daily and no two situations are the same or precise. I am going to compare two professions, Social Work versus Information Technology, to explore the similarities and differences in these two occupations. Social Worker Social Work is defined as, “The professional activity of helping individuals, groups, or communities enhance or restore their capacity for social functional and creating societal conditions favorable to this goal. Social work practice consists of the professional application of social work values, principles, and techniques” (Coyle, 2014, p. 6). Social Workers can act as mediators, negotiators, educators, and advocators just to name a few of the roles they play. They follow a written Code of Ethics that guide their professional judgement and practice. Some job titles used for Social Workers are Mental Health Counselor, Child Advocate, Adoption Specialist, Human Rights Representative, Healthcare Social Worker, and School Social Worker. For this paper I spoke with a Mental Health Social Worker. This person does individual counseling
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