Comparison Presentation Assignment 5

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Comparison Presentation Assignment: 5 | Health Economics, HSA 510, Dr. Lewis Mustard | Kristie Parker, December 19, 2012 | 1. Select three to four main aspects that you discovered in your research to highlight. The first thing that I would like to highlight in my research of Canadian universal healthcare vs. US healthcare is that Canadian health care is federally funded and covers mostly all of the medical services used by the residents. The US has healthcare for the people but is covered at the citizens’ expense via an insurance company. The citizens are responsible for maintaining the premiums set by the insurance companies via the employer of the citizens or privately attained. However, this could explain why nearly 50…show more content…
Public Administration: All administration of the health insurance must be carried out by a public authority on a nonprofit basis. B. Comprehensiveness: All necessary health services including hospitals, physicians, surgical dentists, must be insured. C. Universality: All insured residents are entitled to the same level of health care. D. Portability: Even if the residents move to a different province or territory, they are still entitled to coverage from their home province during a minimum waiting period. E. Accessibility: All insured persons have reasonable access to health care facilities. **Retrieved from 2. Synthesize your findings. To synthesize my findings would be to look at the current “Obamacare” that has been adopted into our government to help with the 50 million plus Americans that are without health insurance now. The Health Care Act shows that “Obamacare” is individually mandated, penalty for not buying insurance is $695 minimum, and the employer is mandated for companies with over fifty employees. A $750 per employee for companies over 50 employees for penalties of employers not providing insurance; subsized insurance for anyone earning up to 400% of poverty level; children can stay on parents’ plan until age 26; and these benefits are both annual and lifetime basis, retroactive rescinding of coverage is forbidden; pre-existing conditions that insurers are required
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