Comparison Shopping Assignment

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|Camera Model |Myer |Bing Lee | | |
|Olympus VG140 |$149 |$179 |$155 |$160 |
|Olympus TG310 |$299 |$299 |$259 |$260 |
|Sony DSCT110 |$299 |$299 |$255 |$255 |

Shipping Price
|Camera Model |Myer |Bing Lee | | |
|Olympus VG140 |$0 |$0 |$16
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When ordering over the internet, you can’t actually see the product in physical form, which means you must trust the sender, and that the product specified may be of lesser quality than you expected. Internet shopping is also vulnerable to credit card fraud, from hackers that access credit card details saved to a website. Websites can also sneakily charge you with extra fees without you noticing, and can cost you quite a large amount. Another problem is that websites can usually only be paid with credit cards, not cash. This can be a problem if you are ineligible for a credit card, or do not have one for whatever reason.

Retail shopping provides a great experience for the consumer, and can be better than internet shopping in some ways. When retail shopping, you can actually touch the product, and see it with your own eyes. This provides reassurance to the consumer that the product is the quality that they intend to buy, and can trust the store. Normally, if an item is boxed, the store will have a show model that potential buyers can interact with and base their decision of whether to buy it off of the functionality and price of that item. Retail shopping also allows the consumer to pay with cash, an option that internet shopping does not feature. This means that people can only pay for things with the money they have, and avoid credit build up on credit cards. On the other hand, some say retail shopping is not as good as internet shopping.
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