Comparison To Jacksonian Democracy

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Jeffersonian Democracy
Jacksonian Democracy
To what extent was universal white manhood suffrage achieved?
Although there were limited property requirements, there was still belief that a property requirement was a test of character that an initiative man should be able to meet.
Requirements for property in order to vote were eliminated, and this success was celebrated by the Jacksonians. The majority of laws and attitudes had altered by 1820, as the idea of universal white male suffrage was widely known and welcomed.
Which citizens were considered eligible for office holding?
Held belief that rule should be by the educated, but he proposed education for all to in order to prepare the poorer individuals for public office. He highly supported the elite to hold office, and women were ineligible for the occupation, as Jefferson questioned their level of intelligence.
Held belief that all men were qualified to hold office, and that political positions should be rotated. Can be seen in the “Rotation in office”, “Patronage”, and “Spoils System.”
How were candidates for president chosen?
Presidential candidates were chosen by political meetings, called caucuses, of political leaders. These leaders would convene and discuss their opinions and decisions of the persons running.
Introduced the nominating conventions, first by the Anti-Masons. These conventions would not only put forth the candidates for each
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