Comparison and Analysis of Different News Report on Same-Sex Marriage Legalization in New Zealand

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GOVT 6156 Governance and Civil Society Student Name: Yip Tsz Kit UID: 430054929 Assignment 3: Content Analysis Research Report 1. Introduction 1.1 Topic: Same Sex Marriage Homosexuality and lesbian and gay civil rights was the dominated by negativity in Western societies before the 1990s (Loftus, 2001). In Australia, bias and discrimination against gay has progressively decreased over time (Kelly, 2001). Issues related to gay and lesbian rights have been increasingly prominent. Despite the receding negative attitudes towards gay and lesbian minority, according to scholars, such tolerance does not seem to extend to attitudes towards same-sex marriage (Edward, 2007). 1.2 Background On 17 April 2013, New Zealand House of Representatives has …show more content…

Diverse arguments in support or

opposition to same-sex marriage are proposed. Researchers have found several factors related to attitudes toward lesbians and gay men and SSM, including religion (Olsen, Cadge & Harrison, 2006). Leaders of organised religion that convey a negative message about homosexuality have long been at the forefront of the fight against the acceptance of SSM, with a vested interest in upholding religious values and preserving marriage for oppositesex couples (Brumbaugh et al., 2008). However, the significant of the influence of religiosity of attitudes towards same-sex marriage was challenged ANDERSSEN (2002). His study found that around 50 percent of the participants exhibited anti-gay bias, despite the majority of the sample exhibited low to no levels of religiosity (74.1%). The negativity towards same-sex marriage is found affected by the attitudes towards the influence of same-sex parenting. Stephanie Webb and Jill Chonody (2012) study indicates that participants who reported negative attitudes toward same-sex parenting were significantly more likely to hold negative attitudes toward same-sex marriage. Justin Healey (2013) claimed the opposition against same-sex marriage with the argument that high-risk lifestyles should not be given official endorsement. He stated that a male homosexual is 14 times more likely to have

syphilis than a male heterosexual, and eight times more likely to have hepatitis, with HIV/AIDS being an

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