Comparison and Contrast between Two Chapters

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Comparison and Contrast between Two Chapters This paper will compare and contrast two CEOs that led technology companies through difficult times. Michael Dell CEO and founder of Dell Computers and Andy Grove former CEO and cofounder of Intel each provided quality leadership as their companies faced challenges in the fast-paced computer technology industry. This paper will introduce each man and describe their contributions to their company and the field of management, resistance they encountered, similarities in their professional lives and how they differed. The information about these two success CEOs comes from Jeffrey Krames (2003) book What the Best CEOs Know: 7 Exceptional Leaders and Their Lessons for Transforming Any Business.…show more content…
However, Michael Dell did face resistance from several competitors due to his direct selling and low price strategy while the industry was in an economic downturn. History shows us, that he made the right decisions as Dell Computer increased its market share even while burdened with the challenges of a downturned economy.
Andy Grove and Intel faced two significant challenges that he successfully led his company to overcome by making two substantial organizational changes. Intel confronted extraordinary external competition in computer memory chips manufacturing. To save Intel, Andy Grove stopped manufacturing memory and focused on making microprocessor chips. Management and employees resisted this dramatic change, a change away from Intel’s legacy. Andy Grove and Intel leadership managed this change and led the company to new heights as a leader in microprocessor manufacturing (Krames, 2003).
Similarities between Professionals
Both Mike Dell and Andy Grove possessed the vision, technical knowledge, and determination to build companies that provided what their customers needed in the new and emerging computer market. Both men led changes to their organizations when challenged by changes to their environment. Both men also understood and embraced the importance of understanding their customer and that customers’ trust. Differences between Professionals
Michael Dell’s
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