Comparison between Apple and Google

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Apple Inc. vs Google Inc. Apple Inc. and Google Inc. are two of the largest technology companies in the world. The debate in on regarding who is the most profitable and most likely to win in the technology wars. Both of these technology companies continue to hack at each other's competition through promotions and a race for new technological developments. The following will examine financial metrics for Apple and Google to determine which of these two giants offers the most value for investors. Stock Price In terms of stock price Apple and Google have both experienced tremendous growth in the past four years. Currently, Google has a higher stock price and has offered investors the greatest chance to increase their stock portfolio value. In September of 2008 it began at approximately 310 points and has risen to 633 points in September 2011. That represents a 49% increase over a four year time span. Apple began at 128 points and grew to 515 points in 2011, representing a 25% increase in stock price. A side by side comparison of stock prices at the fiscal year end demonstrates the effects of this climb. Apple's fiscal year ends on September 24 and Google's ends on December 31 (Google Investor Relations, 2011; Lowensohn, 2011). It would be easy to look at these two stock charts and determine that one could make a significant profit for their investment due to the rapid, recent upward climb that both of these stocks demonstrate. However, the question is whether this
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