Comparison between London and Atlanta Based Airlines

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How would the two airlines (London-based and Atlanta-based) be more reactive to the requirements of the patrons while upholding equally operational efficiency and effectiveness?
Areas of concern
1. Environment. Clients have a higher standard on the London-based airline because of its past performance for an exceptional service. Similarly, clients also presume that the high cost incurred should be recompensed by superb provisions.
2. Information technology structure. Bearing in mind the facts provided in the case, McPherson made a few suppositions that the airline flying to London should have acknowledged him from their computer as a short timed- linking passenger, and that considering the premium price he paid for his plane ticket by a
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the hydraulic system leaks should be watched closely in the near future to find out why this mechanical problem occurred and the origin of the problem needs to be identified.
In an effort to rise to the customers’ expectations of superior customer service, a cross reference customer data base should be implemented with shared information. A possible color coded system that would enable the airline agents and attendance as to the customers amount of travel is it a business trip or leisure, main time of travel per year etc. All of this gathered customer data base information would be beneficial if multiple parties throughout the airline had access to in in order to follow up on any and all concerns of customer needs and specifications.
Assessment Criteria for Performance enhancement
The following are the suggested criteria in assessing the performance of airlines:
1. Operational accuracy. The planes departure and arrival times must be closely monitored in order to maintain accuracy and adjust any unnecessary delays. Time is of the essence to the majority of travelers, their travel plans are well thought out in advance and accuracy needs to be of the utmost importance. If and when there is a delay in arrival or departure other than factors beyond the airlines control, they should to be logged in and noted.
2. Quality control of mechanical equipment and facilities. Mechanical quality control records should be updated

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