Comparison between Othello and Skin

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Compare and contrast the portrayal of the predicament of the outsider in the texts Othello and Skin. To what extent are the differences between the two texts' treatment of this theme due to their different historical and cultural contexts? Othello and Skin are both excellent examples of how the outsider is topic in which society is intrigued by. Both Sandra and Othello are both victims of their time and geographical setting, as well as being considered different due to their race and achievements. Although there are a great number of common themes through both Othello and Skin, such as racism, relationships with both family and the community, gender roles in relationships, the role of the outsider and the use of race in relationships, but the difference in historical context, personal achievements, respect and setting between the two are so contrasting that it changes how the audience empathises with the characters, as well as how both Sandra and Othello change during their respective films. The Shakespearean play Othello is about how a black military leader in Venice is undone by an elaborate plan thought up by Iago to overthrow Othello and obtain Othello’s high position in Venice’s military society. Othello was set in the late 16th century, when Venice’s trade was threatened by the growing power of the Turkish Empire. The setting in itself prognosticates a rapid downfall, as during Shakespeare’s time, as Venice would have been synonymous with luxury and culture, but as
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