Comparison contrast essay on the perspectives of Neil Postman and Thomas Friedman on technology and education

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Topic: Comparison-contrast essay on the perspectives of Neil Postman and Thomas Friedman on technology and education

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Thomas Friedman and Neil Postman both have strong beliefs as it pertains to technology and education. However each of their respective opinions contains minimal similarities and a vast amount of differences. Friedman and Postman both recognize that incorporating technology into the learning process is beneficial to students. However the volume in which these resources are used is where their ideas conflict. Friedman views the use of technology as the future of educating the masses at an affordable rate. While Postman argues that the overuse of the technological factor is detrimental to other
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In turn this can create more interesting discussions and the ability to recognize the perspectives of people from different demographics. An extremely hopeful Friedman sees MOOCs as the future of global online higher education. Friedman believes that MOOCs can help lift people out of poverty “by providing them affordable education to get a job or obtain a better job than the one they currently have” (Friedman). Due to its affordability and certifications that people will be able to obtain from MOOCs, it is not hard to see why MOOCs will potentially increase in popularity and growth. Thomas Friedman had an interview with the “National Education Writers Association”. In the interview he illustrated the “risk to potential reward” in students paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a four year degree and the potential return that students hope to see in their investment. He used Google and Caterpillar as examples of companies that are not satisfied with potential employee candidates that only obtained a four year college degree. Then argued that obtaining a degree and certifications through MOOCs financially makes more sense due to its convenience and cost. Friedman is passionate that this is only the beginning and MOOCs is the beginning of a new educational revolution. While Friedman is a strong advocate and firmly believes in the use of technology for education for many reasons, Neil Postman presents a different opinion on the matter. Neil
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