Comparison of 2 Ethnic Groups

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Lilly Eng 112 - 005 May 9, 2007 Name two ethnic or cultural groups other than African Americans and Jews that have made stellar contributions to the development of the united states. List at least ten achievers from each group, and try to form intergroup pairs as Cornel West does in his essay. Also compare and contrast the groups as a whole and share your overall perspective on their achievements. Asian Americans and Native Americans Our America is so diverse that it is very difficult to single out any one ethnicity and their contributions to our country. The Native Americans and Asian culture are so different, yet the similarities in their significant addition to our country is so remarkable. From the Native…show more content…
While the Japanese were judged pre-war, the Native Americans were judged post-war. Some tribes gave the war veterans a hero's welcome, while other tribes insisted that members of their tribe returning from war be cleansed prior to having contact with other tribal members. The sacrifices that these two groups made for America during World War II is very significant and should be appreciated in today's society. Another way that these two groups have contributed is through inventions that we have used in the past and in the present. A Japanese man by the name of Mamofuko Ando invented the first instant noodles and what we know as "cup ‘o' noodles" today, while chocolate was first drank as hot chocolate and made into this delicious treat by a Native American tribe known as the Mayans. Inoue Daisuke has entertained us for recent years with his invention of the karaoke machine while the game of basketball was invented over three thousand years ago by the olmec tribe followed by their invention of the rubber ball. Hockey is another past time invented by American Indians that is based on a game known as shinny. The Native American tribe known as the Moche invented electricity by chemical means somewhere between 200 B.C and 600 A.D which has made Dr. Yoshiro
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