Essay on Comparison of Animal Rights Texts

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Comparison of Animal Rights Texts I am going to compare two pieces of text called: 'It's a crying shame' and 'Sorry, but I think dying people are more important than dumb animals,' by an Animal Rights Group and Polly Toynbee respectively. The first article is intended to appeal to a younger audience who think that killing animals is wrong because they are cute etc. The second extract is aimed at adults who are interested in the welfare of human beings. The Animal Aid leaflet is persuasive as it is trying to pledge donations to stop animal experiments. The newspaper article is informative and persuasive by saying that killing an animal to save humans is good because would you rather die than an…show more content…
I find this rather effective and it would catch my eye if I glanced at the article and draw my attention towards reading it. On the Animal Rights Leaflet there is a main image of a dog on the front, which I think appears to be crying. This looks the part and the dog really does look sad. This attracts attention as if the dog was crying for help. The use of colour is used well as the picture of the dog is a golden brown shade, which is very attractive I would say. People will instantly want to read this leaflet because of the expression on the dog's face. On the back of the leaflet there is picture of a mouse with some sort of growth coming off its side, I suspect that this is a tumour of some sorts. Personally I don't find this disturbing but a vast majority of the public will do and will never want that to happen again so they will want to pledge money to help stop animal experimentation. There is another picture of a monkey of some sorts and it appears to be very sad as if it has been tortured etc. I think the choice of pictures on this leaflet is rather good and will help put the point across to the reader. The newspaper articles picture is very plain and boring. It is just a
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