Comparison of Animism and Hinduism Essay

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Edward Burnett Tylor was born in 1832 and passed away in the year 1917. He was the founder of modern academic discipline of anthropology. Tylor belonged to a generation of academics and was raised in a religious family. He was a well-educated individual who began his own career in fieldwork in Mexico and ended up receiving and honorary doctorate from Oxford University where he was the keeper of the Museum. He eventually became the first Professor of Anthropology in Britain and later retired in 1909. Tylor had made different opinions on religion. He defined culture as a complex whole that consists of many attributes. Tylor also came up with an evolutionary view. This view was concerning culture and development and the fact that animism was …show more content…
These two concepts are very similar to the beliefs of Hinduism. In Hinduism, they believe to continue life after death. To understand this concept you have to first grasp the idea of the soul. In Hinduism people believe in the existence of the soul. They believe the soul to be external, invisible and unchanging. Atman in Hinduism means soul in English. The believed the concept of soul (atman) to be very important in human life. Just like Animism the atman or soul is a crucial part of the human body and controls the power within. Animism is closely related to the concepts of Hinduism. In Hinduism most individuals believe that there is life after death, and that the soul(atman) doesn’t rest in peace if the spirit is displeased. As for Animism it has a similar concept. The second dogma about Animism which is the upward to the rank of powerful deities is also a similar theory comparing to Hinduism. Both theories believe in deities, which are is a supernatural, immortal being.

According to Tylor he also believed that their sprits and souls not only existed in people but also existed in animals, plants and inanimate objects. He pictured these souls as vapors or shadows going from one body to another. This

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