Comparison of BattleField 4 on Three Gaming Systems

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Within this report and analysation of three gaming system can be found; A pre-build system, self-made system and a console system and compressing between each of the systems. This system will be of the High-end builds as the game it shall be running up to standard will be BattleField 4 which at the moment is the highest demanding game in both graphical power and processing power.
By choosing BattleField 4 the hardware used within the systems are of high-end range yet to run the game not all components should be of the most expansive range. There will be a budged set for a full system which rounds up to £1100 including all accessories such as: Gaming Headset, Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor.

To get a realistic over view of what it takes to run BattleField 4 on ultra-settings research has been done in what would be optimal requirements for it.
Quad core CPU (Intel Core i5 or i7) at 3 Ghz
4GB memory (8 GB for 64-bit operating systems)
A modern DX11 graphics card with 2+ GB of video memory, GeForce 600 seriesor Radeon 7000 series
Windows 7 64-bit operating system (Windows 8 is supported as well)
30+ GB of free harddrive space

Doing some further research into what is actually needed to run BattleField 4 as smooth as possible for as less as possible can be seen on this benchmark chart. The chart provides the performance off different graphic cards on BattleField 4 and their results
With the conclusion being that the GeForce GTX 770 would be best for value

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