Comparison of Business Strategies: Acer vs. Lenovo

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Acer's Strategy Vs to Lenovo's Strategy Similarities and differences between Acer's strategy Lenovo's strategies China boasts of the leading PC producers like Acer and Lenovo, but these two producers have different layouts of global strategies. These are the factors leading Acer and Lenovo to infer a story that is heart-quaked. In the world of global PC market, Europe, North America and Asia-pacific region is the most essential core markets that many enterprise targets to occupy. In Asia-Pacific region, the prevailing 60% Lenovo market share is accounted by the 20% of market shares sales volume. Looking at the market share of Lenovo in the European market, it only accounts for 5% of the total and clients of Lenovo circulate around Xerox, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, and HP and business scope. It is exceedingly critical for Lenovo to make strategies aimed at developing the consumer markets of Europe and America. From Lenovo's president Mr. Yuaning, the next of Lenovo's objective is to implement the success experienced in China in the markets of Europe and America following the business Integrator and business scope of IBM. Lenovo made a proposal to develop a business model for customer relationship and transaction with a target of implementing the business models in European and American markets. Packard Bell because of its unique figure and position went for the perception of Lenovo. It is believed that Packard Bell and Lenovo settled an agreement in 2007. In the same year, Acer

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