Comparison of Byzantine Empire and Ancient Rome Essay

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Though both had similar roots, they both took these similar bases & formed it into their own way. Both the Byzantine Empire and Ancient Roman have similar aspects, but each one made it unique. To better understand the similarities and differences of the Byzantine Empire and Ancient Romans one must look at each civilization’s cultural ideas, religion, & dependence on lower class. The Byzantine Empire and Ancient Romans’ cultural ideas, religion, & dependence on lower class portray commonalities between these two civilizations. Both the Byzantine Empire and Ancient Romans had Roman influences which affected their culture. This is because after the collapse of the Roman Empire in 4th century, the build of the Byzantine Empire took on a…show more content…
Though their ideas are similar, their roots of these are still different. Rome was basically influenced by the Etruscans with their monarchy and infrastructure of paved streets, public buildings, defensive walls, large temples, & geographic advantages of being near (i.e. easy access to the Mediterranean which helped in trade.) Though the Byzantine was much influenced by the Romans, they were also influenced by the Middle East. Like Islamic views which were spreading throughout north of Africa and the bulk of the Middle East. In addition, during the 7th century the Arab Muslims had built a fleet that challenged the Byzantine naval supremacy in the eastern Mediterranean while repeatingly attacking Constantinople. The Arabs quickly swallowed the empire’s remaining provinces along the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean. This attack influenced the Byzantine empire’s pattern of life with Arab cultural and commercial influence. From attacks to religion, we see the religion between the Byzantine Empire and Ancient Romans are similar due to the fact they are associated with Christianity, but each civilization found ways to make it their own. The Romans, being that Christianity was becoming one of the major world religions, did of course arise during the time of Rome. However, Christianity was not really a product of roman culture & roman gods and goddesses were. The Byzantine Empire created a new branch of Christianity,
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