Comparison of Chinese and American Film Industry Essay

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Comparison of Chinese and American Film industry
A Film, also called a movie, is a modern art that combines pictures and voices to entertain people and express certain ethnic or political attitudes and other concerns. Movies have absorbed the characteristics of literature, photography, painting, music, dancing, writing, sculpture, architecture and many other kinds of arts. However, they are not produced through a simple combination, but rather, with a process that includes digestion and recreation. Globally, every country has formed its specific character and strategies in the development of the film industry. The considerable revenue from the film industry is a great incentive for the players in the film industry. According
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For a long time, the Chinese film market share was mostly taken by films from foreign countries. With the revolution and opening of China, its film industry began to thrive and began to involve global competition.
The Gradual Establishment of the Chinese Film Industry (1880s-1980s)
The film industry in China can be dated as far back as the Han Dynasty, an empire that invented the Shadow Puppet Show, an elegant and noble amusement (Davis & William, 2010). Outwardly, the Shadow Puppet Show can also express a series of scenes by controlling the paper-made puppets. In fact, the Shadow Puppet Show is quite different from film. The film is recorded on materials such as cartridges, discs or computers, so audience wanting to get some entertainment could see the film anytime and anyplace he likes. In contrast, the Shadow Puppet Show is a rather a form used for expression, instead of recording. Only a special craftsman has the ability to display the show. In other words, the show is not as convenient for consumers as the film. In fact, the first real film projected in China was in 1896 (Yingjin, 2010), not long after Edison invented the Kinetoseope. However, this first film shown in China was not make there, but had been brought to China by foreigners. From 1896 to the 1920s, film market in China was mainly dominated by the foreign countries. However, the Chinese movie industry was also nurtured during that period. In 1905, in order to celebrate the birthday of
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