Comparison of Database Management System and Information Retrieval System

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1.A) Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. Database Management System or DBMS or short, is a set of computer programs that are responsible for creating, editing, deleting and generally maintain a database or a collection of data records. database management system is determined by the database system. The database model is how the method of collecting the data is stored, managed and administered. Among them are:  catalogs, books or other types of documents  computerized bibliographic  address directory  newspapers, magazines, journals  collection  intranet search engines Advantages of DBMS are :  increase unavailable: One of the principle advantages of DBMS is the same information can be provided to different users.  surplus Scale : Data in a DBMS is easier because , as a general rule , information appears only once . This can reduce data redundancy, or in other words , constantly repeating the same data . Lose excess because it can reduce the cost of storing data on disks and other storage devices .  Accuracy : Accurate , consistent, and regularly update the date data is a sign of data integrity. The opportunity to make mistakes is higher if you need to change the same data to several different places where you need to make changes in one place.  consistent programs and files : Using database management systems , file formats and programs of the system are standard. This
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