Comparison of Donne and Jennings Poetry

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Consider the ways in which Donne and Jennings use form, structure and language to present their thoughts and ideas. You should make relevant references to your wider reading in the poetry of love. The poem the ‘The Anniversary’ By John Donne, is a metaphysical poem about the sun itself growing older each year, this process reminds Donne that him and his lover are closer to their end. The second poem is called ‘One Flesh’, and is written by Elizabeth Jennings. In the course of this poem Jennings explores the relationship and separateness of her now elderly parents. There are multiple contrasting factors between these two poems, considering they are both written from different time periods and view love in sharply differing perspective.…show more content…
Therefore, some may interpret their love as lasting forever because they are ‘everything’, possibly even death itself. On the other hand, in the Jennings poem ‘One Flesh’ the loss of love can occur without the physical death of two beings. As both these elderly couples continue to live but have already dead love. The quote; lying apart now’ is particularly ambiguous, it may show how the lovers lay apart from one another in life or either how they are already dead and lay apart in separate coffins. Either way it can be seen to show a lack of love, by the notion of them both being ‘apart’. The cycle of fire is metaphorical to the death of love, as Jennings notes ‘fire’ she ‘came from has now grown cold’. This may imply how no fire, which represents passion cannot last, and will soon have a death and turn ‘cold’. Nonetheless, there is a slight connection to Donne’s poem and the idea of love being continued in the afterlife. Jennings sees the partners distance as being ‘strangely apart yet straggly close together’. The repetition of ‘strangely’ highlights how this is an abnormal circumstance, as Jennings could be communicating how that despite their difference the bond of love is strong and will hold them together, maybe even in death. Moreover, a desire to escape love and be free from it can be communicated by how the woman partner is ‘dreaming of childhood’. Childhood can signify a young girl’s dream of growing up and having a fairy tale romance,

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