Comparison of Dylan Thomas' Fern Hill and Robert Frost's Birches

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Comparison of Dylan Thomas' Fern Hill and Robert Frost's Birches Poets often use nature imagery to comment on the relationship between humans and the natural environment surrounding them. Traditionally, this relationship is portrayed in a positive manner as it places emphasis on the concept that nature is representative of beauty; consequently, embracing this representation will enlighten the human experience. The facets of that relationship are represented within Dylan Thomas' "Fern Hill" and Robert Frost's "Birches". Both poets invoke an image of nature that is picturesque, serene and innocent in order to convey a…show more content…
In "Dejection: An Ode", the speaker, who can be identified with Coleridge himself, exhibits sorrow in his inability to find inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds him. For this poet, finding solace in the natural world on a superficial level is insufficient; one must have an emotional connection to the beauty of nature. In his past experiences the speaker could appreciate this beauty in a superior way as it, "sent [his] soul abroad" (Coleridge 183); however, in his current state he can only "see, not feel, how beautiful [nature is]" (184). As a poet who derives his inspiration from the surrounding world, the fact that he cannot connect with the sublime beauty of nature is problematic for him; thus, it causes his unhappiness. Coleridge's poem represents the highest level of dejection because the natural world becomes meaningless to him without the transcendental inspiration he was once able to obtain by examining it. Thomas' poem represents an entirely different level of dejection than Coleridge's because it is about the importance of appreciating the simple beauty of nature as opposed to attempting to develop a meaningful connection with it. When examining the speaker's views of the surrounding environment, it becomes difficult to find any level of dejection in the poem. Thomas' speaker describes how: I ran my heedless

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