Comparison of Elizabeth Tallen´s No One´s a Mystery and kate Chopin´s The Story of an Hour

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One of the most important elements of fiction is the character. The character brings the story to life and gives one narrative something another narrative may not have, even if the stories are the same. The character in Elizabeth Tallent’s "No One's a Mystery" in contrast to the character in Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" has a different outlook on the future even though both women are in a similar situation. The narratives are about young women in love and in relationships. However, one woman is content in staying in her unstable relationship, while the other is dying to escape her unhappy relationship. Their objectives are completely different as far as their futures are concerned, but both women seem to share the uncertainty of the current situation they find themselves in.
Both women were uncertain about their circumstances, as far as their relationships were concerned. Mrs. Mallard was uncertain about whether she really loved her husband when Chopin writes, "And yet she had loved him- sometimes. Often she had not." The author suggests that she did not love her husband more than she loved him. Here is a woman who is in a relationship she isn’t sure she even wants to be in. The woman in Tallent’s narrative becomes uncertain of her current situation with Jack while they were in the car discussing their futures. Jack believes they will end, while…