Essay on Comparison of "Fight Club" to "The Epic of Gilgamesh"

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Throughout the history, a person has sought for the real reason of happiness. It was sometimes linked to simple things, whereas sometimes it is thought that even all the values in the world cannot be the reason of happiness. This transforms happiness into a long, difficult adventure. For finishing this adventure people use and sacrifice other values. Furthermore, there are lots of stories, legends, epics that are about this subject. One of epics that is about this subject is" The Epic of Gilgamesh." Briefly, this epic narrates that Gilgamesh's searches about immortality and happiness after his best friend, Enkidu, dies. In addition, there is a film that manipulates reaching happiness indirectly called "Fight Club." In this film's story, …show more content…
Likewise Gilgamesh, Jack in "Fight Club" has monotonous and problematic life before he meets Tyler Durden. Jack has so much problems that he goes to therapy groups which hopeless humans are participants. After he meets Tyler Durden, he realizes that he gets rid of his problems and monotonous life by fighting and meeting new attendees into club. As a compare of these lives, we can say that both Gilgamesh and Jack have same kind of problems about their lives before they meet their friends. Also these new friends add excitement into their lives and change their lives in a good way.

In addition, Jack at the "Fight Club" fights with Tyler Durden, but Jack does not know the fact that he is fighting with himself at reality. Comparing this, in the epic Enkidu comes to Uruk for a fight with Gilgamesh. Then he begins to live there. The similarity between characters is that both Jack and Enkidu fight to be permitted to join the civilization. We can resemble that there is a ticket for entering to society. If you obey the rules of society and fight for the acceptance, you will get the ticket which means that you will be accepted to the society.

Moreover, in the epic when Enkidu dies and Gilgamesh becomes anxious and ruined so he goes on a journey which is about finding a cure for his fear of death. Gilgamesh's ideas about life change while he is making the journey. At the film, one day Tyler Durden disappears suddenly. When Jack realizes that
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