Comparison of Gulliver’s Travels and Haroun and the Sea of Stories

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Haroun and the Sea of Stories is an allegory of the problem’s posed in the societies of the author’s days. It is similar to Gulliver’s Travels as both are allegories of our world, and both main characters are in similar situations; both find themselves in a new land, and are confronted with many unfamiliar problems. “Gulliver’s travels” is a story based upon England at the time when Jonathan swift lived. This was in the 17th century. Also, there are definite correlations between particular characters in the Lilliput community with political figures in the British political system. The novel is a big twist of allegorical themes and similarities to the real world and so it is called a political satire. Allegory means a representation of some …show more content…
Another good similarity between the two books is that they both have strong use of representation. As a fact, Salman Rushdie based his whole novel on things that happened to him and experience from his past life. He really made this story as a way to explain to his son what was happening.
“Gulliver’s travels” is a very famous political satire written by Jonathan Swift. It shows the allegorical theme of the eighteenth century when the politics of England was ruled by the royal court of George I. Jonathan Swift wrote this novel to criticize the courts of England. He satirizes the conditions of the politics and writes this all in allegory in this book. He writes how the court worked and what they were like by putting those acts and personalities into his characters of the high court at Lilliput.
A big part of the story all the satires. In many places in the story, things represent other real life things in the book. There is political satire, social satire, religious subjects and sciences.
The key terms and themes of pattern in “Gulliver’s travels” are how he becomes big then small, the countries become complex then simple and how Gulliver goes through scenes that get worse and worse. Haroun and the sea of stories alludes to this with Haroun facing worse and worse events until it reaches the resolution. Another key pattern is how both authors wrote this book to explain and to show something that happened in their lives. Jonathan Swift
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