Comparison of Hinduism to Christianity

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Hinduism is one of the earliest religons that is still practiced around the world. It seeks to answer the same questions that Christianity does, but arrives at different answers. It seeks truth, but fails to find it. Hinduism seeks to ask the question of where do we come from? This question is not easily answerable. Because of the nature of Hinduism, everything is in a cycle. There is no beginning and there is no end. Hinduism also does not have a set of defined rules because of it’s views on multiple views and believes. Because of this, we see a few different origins for human kind, but Hinduism fails to give a definite definition.
Hinduism would next ask the question of Identity. What does it mean to be human? Ultimately Hinduism has a rather selfish view of this, even if it believes in peace and harmony. It looks at people as all part of the same “god essence”. Humanities purpose is to be brought back to nirvana. It is me centric. You try over and over to live the “perfect” life. There is no grace for the things you do. Ultimately you are responsible for living the perfect life and reaching Nirvana, a place where you are one with the “god essence”.
So what is the meaning of all of this? Humanity must get to Moksha, which is known as the release. It is a release from wanting and desiring. It is where you are basically liberated from your humanity. It is the Hindu kind of salvation.
So what about Morality? How do we know what is right or wrong? Hinduism does not really

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