Comparison of J2Ee and .Net

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Technological changes can put a company into turmoil. Multiple requirements need to be taken into consideration when deciding upon new technologies which include usability, functionality, performance and cost. When looking into the decision upon which platform to use within a business, the debate between using .NET and J2EE can be critical. Extensive research must be done to find out if currently used programs will work correctly with either platform or if new programs need to be put in use.
.NET is very tightly integrated into Microsoft operating systems, so the decision needs to be made whether to have a Microsoft framework in place. J2EE will work on any operating system, but is more complex and its GUI environment is
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Other technologies that are included in the J2EE platform include Java Server Pages (JSP) which allows for faster development and an environment that is easily maintained. It allows for the change of the outward appearance or design of a page without having to change the underlying dynamic content. Java Management Extensions (JMX) has multiple uses as it allows for the adaptation of legacy systems along with the implementation of new management and monitoring solutions. JMX provides the resources for the monitoring of devices, applications and service driven networks and defines the J2EE Management Model which has been designed to operate with various protocols and management systems. Other technologies included in the J2EE platform are: J2EE Connector Architecture which specifies architecture that is standard for accessing resources in diverse Enterprise Information Systems (EIS); J2EE Deployment API which enables the use of components and applications by defining the standard APIs; J2EE Authorization Contract for Containers defines new classes which are needed to satisfy the J2EE authorization model; and Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) which uses a standard uniform way to use business registries that have been based on open or industry led specifications.
The J2EE platform requires specific server software in order to function as a web service and application server. The most basic requirements include the J2EE

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