Comparison of Management View Points by Henri Fayol vs. Henry Mintzberg

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Like the two sides of a penny, Henri Fayol vs. Henry Mintzberg (Anon., 2010) Henri Fayol and Henry Mintzberg both have their own views on management. Of which, each man came up with their own management frameworks. This essay will take a closer look and compare the different management frameworks developed by Fayol and Mintzberg. A mining engineer and director in France, Henri Fayol, the vital early contributor to classical school of management theory believes that basic management and skills can be learned and taught. Wanting to establish a set of principles that can be applied across all organizations in order to run properly, Fayol constructed his theory of the five management functions in 1916 leading with his own observation and management experiences while working with the French mining company. (Adamson, 2005). Fayol's function of management comprises of; (1) Planning: examine for future conditions, developing strategic actions and secure the achievement of future targets. Managers are required to assess future contingencies affecting the organization, and form the future operational as well as the strategic landscape of the company. (2) Organizing: organizing the employees in an efficient way, structure and align the tasks of the organization. Managers must also train and take on the right people for the post, and always secure an adequately trained and educated workforce. (3) Commanding: supervising subordinate’s work on a daily basis, and inspire them to attain

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