Comparison of Marketing Strategy of Wellcome and City'super in Hong Kong

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Comparison of Marketing Strategy of Wellcome and City’super in Hong Kong No Name Student No# December 23, 2008 Royal Brisbane International College 5/F Yue Hwa International Building 1 Kowloon Park Drive, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Contact No.: XXXXXXXX Email: XXXXXXX Table of Content 1. Introduction 3 2. Target Segment 3 3. Marketing Strategy 4 3.1. Product Strategy 4 3.2. Price Strategy 5 3.3. Promotion Strategy 5 3.4. Place Strategy 6 4. Conclusion 6 5. Reference 6 Introduction City’Super established in 1996, under FENIX GROUP which is established in 1972 by Masaaki Ogino (jap), their operation mainly in garment industry, like OZOC, Anteprima, Indivi and A/T etc……show more content…
City’super is focus in a Status quo oriented pricing strategy, which is a non price competition as their buyer chooses their product all around the world and direct deal with their local supplier. The bargaining power compare with the local chain store is not as strong as they are. And the imported goods also increase the price to recover the transportation and delivery. But the customer is willing and happy to buy because of the unique and special foods and products so the pricing strategy is not direct competitive with Wellcome supermarket. 3 Promotion Strategy They both have their frequent buyer program in their promotion strategy. Wellcome is one of the vendor under Octopus bonus reward scheme which can let customer to earn bonus point in their supermarket as well as the “Hang Seng Credit Card Paywave Program”. Frequently advertising in different media promote their new sales let Wellcome create an image of delivering value for money. Newspaper coupons and bonus stamp collection to maintain their customer to get cooking machinery or tools. Online promotion with some figures like Snoopy toys free to customer if they bought certain amount of orders, because they are follow low price strategy so they have to

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