Comparison of Mexico and Nigeria Essay

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The Adventure to Democracy
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The Adventure to Democracy
In the midst of the prevalence of democratic transitions, a number of developing countries are seeking to achieve the successful consolidation of civil order in modern days. Among those participants, Mexico and Nigeria has been spotlighted for the completely contrastive endings at the end of their long-adventures towards democratization since their independence; Mexico, from its independence, has maintained the political stability despite the authoritarian single-party regime and even accomplished the solid democratization at the time of the 2000 election whereas Nigerian regime has been deteriorated by a series of military cues d’états and
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By means of land redistribution and Import Substitution Industrialization, PRI reinforced economic and social defections and even further promoted the remarkable economic development. In political aspect, it also largely contributed to settle down the ethnic and regional conflicts and created an atmosphere that was conducive to co-operate. As Andreas Schedler mentions in his journal, PRI brought “the end to armed strife between regional warlords and rival revolutionary factions by its foundation (pg 5, Schedler, 2000)” . Besides in accordance to the 2000 released article from the Economist, PRI used to fund the opposition political parties in order to maintain their existence in politics (The Economist, 2000). In brief, the PRI govern on the basis on collaboration, not on coercion.

Ethnocentrism vs. Patriotism Along with what mentioned above, the contention of tripartite parties in Nigeria that encourages Ethnocentrism to splinters internal society contradicts to the national harmonization in Mexico. The contrast of Nigeria’s ethnocentrism and Mexico’s patriotism is well presented in their story of oil revenue. Both have received considerable attention in the International market as the significant oil-producers. In the case of Nigeria, despite the great fortune, unequal share of oil revenue and prevailing corruptions around oil revenue provoked the increased political tensions among regional
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