Comparison of News Reports Essay

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Comparison of News Reports

On Thursday 22nd April 2004, Ron Atkinson, manager and footballing legend, was overheard making a racist remark concerning player Marcel Desailly- the black Chelsea defender during the Chelsea-Monaco Champion’s League semi-final.

The story received colossal press coverage from all of the newspapers, mainly because Atkinson is famous for coaching so many black players. I have studies two newspapers’ accounts of the same story. One paper is a tabloid (The Sun) and the other is a broadsheet (The Daily Telegraph). The reason why I have chosen to examine a tabloid report and also a broadsheet is to discover the similarities between them and also the contrasts in the
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This also uses the technique of personalisation like the tabloid; however it is more formal and does not use slang. It does not have as much impact as The Sun uses words like ‘racist’, it seems less harmful because they are only ‘costly thoughts’ instead. There is a more formal, serious picture; he is shown doing his job in smart clothes and he looks dignified. There is only one picture and a lot more text which is divided into eight columns.

The sun differs from the Daily Telegraph in content greatly. The Sun only has a short paragraph of background information whereas The Daily Telegraph has quite a large section describing Atkinson’s tributes and achievements in football. Also The Sun has much shorter quotes in its article. This is because The Sun is known to get straight to the point in articles whilst The Daily Telegraph usually gives all sides of the argument before coming to a conclusion.

The Sun is part of the News Corporation Group owned by press baron Rupert Murdoch and is the best-selling British newspaper selling 3.5 million copies a day, compared to The Daily Telegraph who is part of Hollinger Inc. owned by Conrad Black. In comparison to The Sun it sells over three times less, a million copies per day are sold of The Daily Telegraph.

Ron Atkinson is a famous TV and football personality. This gives the story a high news value in both the tabloid and the broadsheet
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