Comparison of Oedipus Rex and a Raisin in the Sun Essay

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An Introduction to Oedipus Rex by Sophocles.
Greek and Roman plays, and even Indeed ancient Indian plays (a common Indo-European Tradition), usually had a pivotal character that “held the play together”. Also there would be a Chorus that would come into play when the tragedy would begin unfolding. The Greco-Roman variants were almost always tragedies.
Be it Homer’s Iliad or Odessey. The hero after long travails always seemed to return to nothing and would come to grief. Achilles, Priam, Agamemnon, Oedipus, all came to grief. In the Greco-Roman tradition, it seems to be a common practice by the Bards and playwrights, to depict their heroes as strong and upright men who fell prey to either their fates or to the whims and fancies of
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Oedipus the king thought highly about himself and in his pride, thought himself above everyone. And said to the people of the city “You pray to the gods? Let me grant your prayers” (1231 Oedipus Rex). Oedipus did not see his own life for what it was or the mere mortal that he was. He was vain in that sense, having a lot of pride in who he was and what he had done for the city, after all he was the man who outsmarted the last plague on the city, and saved the city for the citizens. This unfortunately went to his head, and made him arrogant.
Jacota was his wife and mother, her character has also been depicted as unwilling to see the truth. She knew in detail about the happenings on night her husband, King Laius was killed, but made it out that there were more than one stranger who murdered him. This remark threw Oedipus off, and he then began searching harder for more clues to this mystery.
By this point in the story, Jacota had too much pride to admit what was happening. Later she hung herself so she did not have to face it anymore. In a fashion, Oedipus was a blessed with a good heart and noble intentions, but with a dark fate. He made an honest king, as a king of Thebes, and he wanted the best for his citizens, and he wanted to rid them of the plague that afflicted them. An example of his loyalty was that he sent Creon and he persevered to hunt the murderer to stop the plague. Oedipus was brought up well, he was raised by

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