Comparison of Poems to Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

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Poems which can be compared to the novella ‘Of Mice and Men’ is ‘The Farmers Bride’ written by Charlotte Mew. This once again explores the relationship between husband and wife without an element of honest affection towards each other leading to failed marriages. The poem begins ‘Three summers since I chose a maid’. Like Curleys wife the farmer’s bride also has no distinct identity and is merely a possession. This emphasizes the meagre status of a woman in a male dominated society. The way the poem is put is presented one could possibly suggest the farmer ‘chose’ a bride in a state of compulsion. This does resemble the scenario of Curley and his wife presented by Steinbeck in ‘Of Mice and men’ to a certain extent. The only difference is that Curley’s wife consented for marriage due to possible obstinacy as she always dreamed to be an actress but when that didn’t work she married Curley with a slight hope of things working out later. Despite being bonded together there is an element of separation and echoes of loneliness. Both Curley’s wife and the farmer’s bride are victims of loneliness and are kept apart from other as they are believed to not follow the norms of society. The farmer’s bride tried running away from the unknown imprisonment she was facing but they ‘caught her and turned the key upon her’. On the other hand Curley’s wife is also assumed to be contented with limited interaction with other as they believe ‘she don’t like to talk to anyone’. Despite these

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