Comparison of Proprietary and Contract Security

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To begin, security is now becoming a more contentious issue in developed nations as globalization begins to gain momentum. Cyber security in particular is now entering the forefront of popular conversation as it is now becoming a threat to security. With the advent of the internet, possible threats arise from seemingly everywhere. The internet provides nearly unlimited amounts of access points for individuals to steal or corrupt data. The same is true for high tech components in automobiles. Undoubtedly many of these components will be used to provide luxury or value added services to consumers. These services might include streaming video within the auto mobile, the ability to access the internet, GPS, or other internet based technologies. As these technologies become more ubiquitous, the threat of a security breach or hack becomes more profound. As such, proper measures must be taken to insure the safety of the both the manufacturer and the consumer (Mack, 2013).
Comparison of proprietary and contract security
Proprietary means protected by a trade mark or exclusive rights. In many instances, companies may possess proprietary services or product offerings. In many instances, these offerings can not be duplicated by competitors. The same is true for security. In this instance, proprietary security is law enforcement within a give facility that is unique to the company. These individuals are hired within the organization and serve the needs of the organization as a whole.

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