Comparison of Public Human Resource Management Between China and United States

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Comparison of Public Human Resource Management between China and United States In nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the government’s central position in the economy and the society. An effective government, regarding to the economy, the society and even the government development is absolutely necessary. The various countries experience indicated that, an effective government surely is a function limited government, behavior legally achievement government, authority multi- centers disposition government, decision-making highly democratic government, information highly transparent government and naturally also a government has an intelligent, capable and high morale employee team. All of these depend on an advanced modern…show more content…
That is a milestone for the establishment of PHRMS in China. Later on, based on this regulation, there are more important national laws announced by MOP such as 《 Public Organization Employee Recruitment Temporary Regulations 》, 《 Public Organization Employee Promotion Temporary Regulations 》, 《 Public Organization Employee Resign and Layoff Temporary Regulations 》, 《 Public Organization Employee Training Temporary Regulations 》,《Public Organization Employee Appeal Temporary Regulations 》 and so on. These temporary regulations established the basis of recruitment, evaluation, promotion, training, communication, parry, resign, layoff, retirement and appeal as well as the law basis of employee’s right, responsibility, salaries and wages, benefit and discipline requested to abide. Since then, the mess situation of human resources management in public organizations has been changed. Currently under market economy in China, national leaders start to realize that in order to separate public administration from private management, politics and affairs, government and social organizations, it is most important to separate human affairs from different sectors than separating organizations and functions. The enterprises, institutions and social organizations should establish their own personnel management system, make their personnel management decisions and implement them
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