Comparison of Rdbms

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IMPLEMENTATION OF AN OPEN SYSTEMS APPLICATION ENVIRONMENT RDBMS COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW The Defense Finance and Accounting Services Financial Systems Organization (DFAS) plans to establish a standard development and operational environment for DFAS applications running on workstations, network servers, and mid-tier platforms. To accomplish this, the Government has commissioned a study to 1) evaluate currently used development environments and industry standards and 2) perform an analysis of these alternative development environment; identifying the most effective solutions for DFAS. A key component of this planned Open Systems Application Environment (OSAE) is a Relational Database Management System…show more content…
Oracle7 includes all the facilities necessary to construct enterprise-class applications, assure end-to-end user and data security, and comprehensively manage the Oracle environment. For high-performance transaction processing, Oracle7 employs an integrated, multithreaded, multiserver architecture to handle thousands of simultaneous user requests. Through its adaptable parallel architecture, Oracle ensures optimal performance, salability, and availability facilitating organizational growth and data access predictability. The sophisticated data concurrency control model of the Oracle7 Server ensures the powerful support for a multitude of processing requirements including, but not limited to On-line Transaction Processing and Decision Support, thus meeting specific and varied application requirements. Distributed database query and transaction processing requirements are also supported with the Oracle7 Server. Developers and users can treat a physically distributed database as a single logical database though the transparent distributed capabilities of the Oracle7 Server, enabling the enterprise flexibility in the placement of its data. In addition, Oracle7 allows organizations to transparently replicate commonly used data to multiple nodes offering further flexibility in the placement and use of the enterprise 's critical information. Oracle7 's Open Gateway architecture ensures the smooth transition from
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