Comparison of Speeches

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Comparison of speeches

This is a comparison of John F. Kennedy's and Martin Luther King's speeches. First I will analyze them individually, then I will compare and contrast the two different speeches. Kennedy's inaugural speech establishes what his vision is for the world; global unity, supporting freedom, and human rights for all of humankind. He believes the world would be much stronger and could conquer any problem as a whole rather than being divided. In the beginning of Kennedy's speech he starts off with ' we' which brings forth a feeling of unity. He wants listeners to feel proud and support America and that they should protect it at any cost. The inaugural speech gave people what they wanted to hear and followed up on what
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Whereas Kennedy's speech gave the people exactly what they wanted to hear. Kennedy's speech contained much more figurative language than King's speech, although King did include a fair bit. I think Kennedy's speech was more developed than King's speech because Kennedy had more literary devices and structure to his speech. Obviously Kennedy had highly educated speech writers to do this job for him whereas King wrote his speech by
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