Comparison of The Shining and Maus I Essay

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The Shining is a 1977 horror novel by Stephen King that is based on events at the Overlook Hotel where the Torrance family is snowed in for the winter which leads to some unfortunate events. Maus I: a Survivor’s Tale: My Father Bleeds History is a 1986 graphic novel by Art Spiegelman about the story of his father during the Holocaust. Both of these novels are good stories that are filled with episodes and events that are demonstrated differently. Although the plots of The Shining and Maus 1 bear some minor similarities, the difference between them are more clear, which includes whether the plot is linear and sequential, and the use of stream of consciousness, foreshadowing, and flashbacks. The novel Maus I is story within a story so it…show more content…
He hear the fawning servility in his own voice but was unable to control it....He walked to the chopping block and put his hand on the handle of the mallet....Jack Torrance began to smile” (King 584). The pyramid plot structure in this novel is not symmetrical because the rising action is more gradual and the falling action is more steeper. The climax happens in chapter forty eight which is only ten chapters till the end and forty eight leading to it. The falling action is just the chasing and attempt of murder of Wendy and Danny by Jack and the boiler exploding. There is a lot more rising action than falling action. The conclusion is just Wendy, Danny, and Holloran getting away from the hotel after the explosion and a flash-forward of where they are. In Maus I: a Survivor’s Tale: My Father Bleeds History, the plot is not linear and sequential because it is a story within a story. It starts off by Artie coming over to his father house to visit and then start talking about his father's, Vladek, story. The characters are introduced and the story begins with Vladek having a good life, getting married, having a child, and owning a factory. The the rising action comes in with Germany taking over Poland and Vladek is sent to work where he almost got killed, and was a prisoner of war. There are also a lot more complications he and his family went through. The book is mainly all about the rising actions before the climax which is when Vladek and Anja are sent and separated
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