Comparison of Tourism Industries

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Comparison of Tourism Industries Greece and Nigeria Tourism is of one the most revenue earnings industry globally. As a matter of fact, most of African countries rely on this sector of their economy for high earnings. It is quite amazing to observe how various tourism sites show different kind of attributes. There are many tourism sites in the world, which are already declared and acclaimed as world's most favorite and visited sites. They may include Las Vegas, Paris, Spain, Dubai, Agra etc. One of the most visited countries with high tourism rate is Greece. It is a very established tourism site with developed infrastructure for tourists. On the other hand, there is another tourism site which is in its infancy as of now: Nigeria. Although rich in natural beauty and resources, Nigeria which is known as the paradise on earth, is still undervalued because of the political stigma. However, it has begun to gather attention of the tourists these days. Although Greece and Nigeria are located in different regions of the world, it is important to understand how these two tourism sites are different in attributes. Greece is a rather small country in Europe which has been immensely successful in gathering tourist's attention. Located in turkey and Italy, the other two major tourism sites, it is situated in that region of the world which is flooded with tourists throughout the year. It is further gifted with Mediterranean coastline. Be it summer or winter, Greece is tourists all
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