Comparison of Turkey and United States Higher Education Essay

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Comparison of Turkey and United States Higher Education

The higher education provided by the United States resembles the structure of the undergraduate college in the United Kingdom, and the research university in German. Turkey’s system of higher education is a product of a long struggle that the country has gone through after proclamation of the country. The character of the higher education in the United States bases its belief from the American people driving the ideals of Jefferson that limits the control of the government leading to protection of the institutions. Furthermore, the commitment of the state to offer equal opportunity and mobility of the social aspects contributes to influencing higher education in the
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It was only in the 20th century that there was provision of gateway for the middle class, women and the minorities to the higher education platform. This was viewed by the American people as a vital component of the ideal of the nation as an opportune land. The community college purpose was to increase the access of higher education to persons of all ages, gender, incomes and religion.
The higher education mirrors the character of the Americans, which are competitiveness, independence, inclusiveness, government’s suspicion and ambition. Turkey’s higher education began its journey in the oldest university known as Istanbul Darulfunun, which was a conservative area. This transformed to become the modern institute offering higher education in the year 1933. This offered opportunities for learning for the Jewish people who were fleeing from the extermination by the Nazi. The passion of Ataturk influenced the formation of other universities such as Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in the year 1944 (Guruz, 2011). The preceding years saw the establishment of the University of Ankara. The year 1946 saw education reforms with the establishment of Turkey as a republic. Despite the poor conditions that were eminent in Turkey, the reforms in the education system facilitated in the increase of the universities in the late sixties.
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