Comparison of Two Broadcast Platforms in Hong Kong

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‘What Makes a Better Broadcast Platform?’ There are two major broadcasting platforms in Hong Kong: TVB and ATV. Within the completion in almost a half-decade, both TVB and ATV have their uniqueness which leads a different level of success to its own. In my point of view, according to the profit, audience share, market share, quality of programmes, technology and business model, I would say TVB is more successful than ATV. On the ground of profit, TVB has achieved higher revenue than ATV in all of these years. According to the official announcement from TVB, their gross profit is $900,000,000 in the year of 2009. Most of the money was come from the advertising agency. While TVB is having a great amount of profit, ATV is suffering from…show more content…
They almost covered all kinds of the audience which is considerate. ATV also provides a various kinds of television programmes. However, they only concentrated on female audience. Most of the programmes are themed around female, especially housewife. It is not balance enough to attract different kinds of audience. Moreover, as mentioned before, TVB preferred to produce their own programmes while ATV preferred buying ready-made programmes to broadcast. As TVB produce the programme on its own, TVB’s programme can be more realistic, more up-to-date and more close to Hong Konger’s favour. Compare to ATV, I would say the attractions of TVB is greater than ATV. In the matter of technology, TVB has done a better job than ATV in the production technology and interactiveness. The picture quality of TVB is always better than ATV – brighter, sharper, more saturated, better lighting, better voice picking and better dubbing. The production quality of TVB is significantly better than ATV. It is because TVB has more reserves than ATV. That means TVB can pay a lot to upgrade their equipment and do a better post-production. For the interactiveness, TVB provide interactivity during some show like voting system involved audience to participate. Those technologies make watching TV becomes more enjoyable. Compare to TVB, ATV’s technologies are not powerful enough to make ATV become a better broadcasting platform. The business models of

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