Comparison of Two Crisis Intervention Models

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Models of Crisis Intervention Introduction In psychology, crisis intervention models are designed to help mental health professionals in dealing with a variety of situations. This is because the conditions surrounding patients, their friends or family have become severe enough that some kind of intercession is necessary. In the case of drug abuse, these tools are utilized to address the underlying problems and introduce possible solutions. To fully understand the best approach requires comparing crisis intervention techniques. This will be accomplished by: examining two different crisis intervention models and psychological first aid strategies. Together, these elements will highlight the most effective tactics for reaching out to individuals who are suffering from substance abuse. A Comparison of Two Crisis Intervention Models (Literature Review) The ACT Model The Assessment Crisis Intervention Trauma Treatment (ACT) model was developed by Albert Roberts after the September 11th terrorist attacks. The way it works is mental health professionals, will follow a series of seven steps when responding to a crisis. The most notable include: assess the danger, establish psychological conduct, identify major problems, encourage the exploration of feelings, examine alternative strategies, implementing the plan and following up. The combination of these factors is designed to provide everyone with tools to effectively address the crisis. (Roberts, 2005) As far as
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