Comparison of Two Films About King Arthur Essay

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Few works of literature or legend are as varied as that of King Arthur and his round table, forever retold by each generation. Without question, the defining work of Arthurian Literature is Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur. Morte d'Arthur is a compilation of all the King Arthur legends that existed before Malory. Malory tried to bring all the stories together into one cohesive whole. Morte d'Arthur is a trove of stories about magical encounters and various quests that is loosely centered on the rise and fall of King Arthur.

Since it was written, there have been countless interpretations and adaptations. Today, we not only have countless Arthurian books, but many movies on the subject as well. In this paper I hope to compare and
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Whoever wields the sword, wields England. It is a symbol of the King's union with the land, the main point of the film. L'etat c'est moi, Arthur and the land are one.

In the film, the sword is first given to Uther, who then becomes King. Besides for this, the story of Uther and Igraine is straight out of Malory. Uther starts a war with the Duke of Cornwall because Uther so openly desires Cornwall's wife, Igraine. Merlin agrees to give Uther the semblance of Cornwall so Uther can sleep with Igraine. In exchange for this service, the baby that will come from the adulterous union will be given to Merlin. An addition of the film is that before Uther walks into the castle as Cornwall, little Morganna has a vision that her father has died. When Uther comes into the room where Morganna and Igraine are, Morganna knows who he really is. Later on in the story, little Morganna watches as Merlin takes baby Arthur away. These scenes work to develop the character of Morganna and explain why she becomes such a hateful creature

When Uther dies, he thrusts the sword into a stone to prevent his enemies from obtaining it and using it to claim the throne of England. Whoever pulls the sword from the stone will be king. The land is then plunged into chaos as various kings and knights fight for the throne of England. The scene where Arthur pulls the sword from the stone is almost exactly as it is in Malory. When Kay goes to
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