Comparison of Two Mathematics Curricula

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Comparison of Two Mathematics Curricula Math teachers have become increasingly disenchanted with the traditional materials they are forced to teach due to the existing California standards. The goal of the teachers is not that they need to change the standards, but there needs to be a better curriculum to adequately bring students up to those standards. Current curricula follow the letter of the standards that California has implemented, but they sometimes seem to be based on nothing substantial which would give credibility to the course of study. If a curriculum is developed to meet a set of standards, that is exactly what it will do. However, the goal should be to not only meet but to exceed the stated standards; or, at the very least, give students the ability to go beyond the standard. In this argument, the California standards are the lowest rung of the ladder that the state should encourage students to climb. Yes, the student will have a basic understanding of mathematical concepts if they meet the standard, but they will not have any impetus to reach beyond that and achieve something more. In this research paper, two different curricula possibilities are examined for their relative merits; one which is meant to just meet the recommended California mathematics standard as set forth by the Common Core State Standards Initiative (2005), and one which is recommended by a practical body, the National Science Foundation (NSF), to encourage students to achieve a higher,
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